NEW BEDFORD - Mayor Jon Mitchell highlighted a number of accomplishments through the city's Capital Improvement Program while giving an update of the program at the Hillman Street Complex Tuesday. 

Among the top of the list was $7.5 million to study, design and construct the South End Public Safety Center, $10.3 million for school capital projects and $5 million spread across five years for road rehabilitation projects.

"There's a lot going on in New Bedford right now, there's an awful lot going on both in terms of public projects and private projects," Mitchell said. "New Bedford is really standing up again and has its act together and it is making lots of progress."

The original CIP spanned from FY14 through FY18, though it has now been extended through FY21.

For the completion of this year's upcoming projects, Mitchell has submitted a $5.4 million bond request to the City Council.

Some of last year's projects included installing new windows, HVAC systems and lighting in municipal buildings, school construction projects and repairs to fire and police stations as well as fleet management.

"Not the sexiest thing in the world, but incredibly important," said the city's Chief Financial Officer Ari Sky.

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