Route 18 Ramp Closure
NEW BEDFORD - If you're planning on heading downtown tonight, you may have to rethink your route.
The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is closing the off-ramp from I-195 eastbound to Route 18 southbound in New Bedford tonight from 9 p...
City Funding Highlights
NEW BEDFORD - Mayor Jon Mitchell highlighted a number of accomplishments through the city's Capital Improvement Program while giving an update of the program at the Hillman Street Complex Tuesday.
State Pier Earmark
The Massachusetts Department of Transportation announced on Monday that it was giving its approval to use an unspent, $5 million federal earmark from 2005 to pay for repairs at State Pier in New Bedford.
Revolving Fund
New Bedford City Councillor Joe Lopes wants to see the City ween itself off the bonding process for property upkeep.
Lopes is proposing a revolving fund for the maintenance of City property, that would be included in the City's budget every year...

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