So Michael Rock and Loren Petisce from FUN 107 nominated us on air Friday morning. Technically we only had 24 hours to complete the challenge, but time got away from us that afternoon, and we wanted to do the video together. We decided 2 pm Monday was the best bet, and it worked out PERFECTLY! My little sister Maryellen (Millie) had the honor of pouring the ice cold water over our heads. I didn't think she'd soak Pete at first, but that girl was all for it! We will be donating $30 to ALS as well. (Special thanks to Kelly and Justin Gouveia for holding the WBSM banner in the background).

We nominated Kelly G, my twin sister Kayla, Neal White, and our Boss Man Mark Stachowski! Mark is the only one left to complete the challenge...Clock is ticking!

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