Have you ever watched those ghost-hunting reality TV shows and thought, "Hey, I'd like to try that?" Or maybe you're looking for a unique Father's Day gift, one that sure beats any necktie or "Kiss the Grill Chef" apron?

Well, then have we got the Legend Trip for you.

Legend Trips, a joint venture between Spooky Southcoast and Ghostvillage.com, the world's No. 1 web destination for all things paranormal, is holding Supernatural Siege--The Return at Fort Taber/Fort Rodman in New Bedford on Saturday, June 22.

This one-of-a-kind event will allow you access into Fort Rodman itself (which is rarely opened to visitors) as well as the numerous batteries throughout the grounds--including the very haunted Milliken Battery, which is dug out of the side of a hill and is NEVER opened to the public!

Tickets are $99, and a portion of all proceeds goes right back to helping the Fort with their restoration efforts. Your ticket includes dinner, lectures from Ghost Adventures writer/researcher Jeff Belanger and myself, and hours of guided ghost hunting. In addition, snacks and beverages are provided throughout the night as part of your ticket as well.

We held the original event there back in October of 2012, and the place was intense! Not only did we raise enough money to heat the military museum for the entire winter, we also had some profound paranormal experiences. One of the creepiest happened to me in the Milliken Battery; I was investigating with a group called Spectral Forces, and a medium told us that she saw a little boy crouched in the corner of the room, covering his head. We tried making contact with his spirit, thinking that perhaps he was in that pose because he was in trouble. But as it turns out, we were the ones in trouble! Not long after, it sounded as if the entire roof was caving in on us--and keep in mind, we were three stories underground! Upon inspection, however, there was nothing that could have caused the sound. We deduced that it was likely phantom cannon fire from the cannons that used to sit atop the battery, which were powerful enough to hit Martha's Vineyard, 16 miles away!

Here is an audio clip of what happened, with the explicit words bleeped out:

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