NEW BEDFORD — As parents bring their children out for Halloween festivities today, many go to great lengths to take the proper precautions to ensure their child's safety.

Those precautions can include making sure their children are dressed warmly, while also making sure the costumes are easily visible at night, and also talking to them about the dangers of talking to strangers, perhaps.

But what about the neighborhoods the children visit? How do you know your child will be safe when they knock on someone's door to get their favorite candy?

There are over 130 sex offenders residing in New Bedford, according to About half of those listed as sex offenders have been convicted of sexual crimes involving children.


To see where these sex offenders live, simply visit and enter the zip code or address of where you will be trick-or-treating. The site will present a map of the area with color-coded pins that indicate where a sex offender may live and what type of crimes they have committed. You can also click each pin and see details on the convicted sex offender.

If you see any suspicious behavior or are aware that a child is or may be in danger, you are urged to call your local police department.

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