Vacation time is here and you get to spend time with the family and friends and I bet you will be going out to eat a couple of times.  I'm here to help you to avoid germs and keep yourself health when you do. 

The first tip is to follow your nose, If you go into a restaurant and it doesn't smell good, you may want to think twice before sitting down to a meal.  Even the restrooms should smell fresh not of air fresheners.  If you smell something other than delicious food you might want to find another place to eat.

Second take a look around the restaruant.  If the restaurant is clean it will look clean and will have good cleaning habits.  If you do sit down to a "sticky" table, it might be full of bacteria and that may lead to viruses.  Also, take a look at the cloth the server is using to wipe down the tables, they should be white and clean and the bucket of water used should be clear too.

Third inspect the utensils. Your silverware and tableware should not have any food stuck to them! Silverware should come wrapped in a clean napkin.

Fouth, know when to stay home, if you are feeling sick try not to eat out.  If your immune system is low, you can handle less bacteria and viruses effectivley and you could get sick all over again.

Bottom line is use common sense when you head out to eat this holiday season and do what I do and keep a bottle of hand sanitizer close by!