There are so many different ways to become a grandparent these days that begs it the question, "Is there a new age of grandparenting?"

I'm told the average age of becoming a grandparent is around 50. Nowadays, a good number of grandparents are staying fit and enjoying walking shoes rather than rocking chairs, and that's great to see – but what about being close to your younglings?

My grandchildren and their friends are, without question, the best anti-aging formula yet.

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They force me – I mean motivate me – to keep moving and learning. I usually have to start the conversation by asking what's new at school. That mostly gets a mumbled shrug. Then I'll gently take the reins and tell them that on the radio, I talked about the craziest new thing, like the TikTok trend that eye doctors are warning about when people apply Burt's Bee Lip Balm to their eyelids to "get high."

"Oh, Papou, that's so Stone Age! They used to do that when mom was in high school," was their comeback. Well then, I guess it's making a renaissance?

Just then, as if I unlocked Pandora's Box, they begin opening up and telling me about one of the latest frenzies like "The Blackout." It's a real choking game, when you intentionally try to choke yourself or another to obtain a brief euphoric high. I didn't ask if anyone ever died as a result of being strangulated.

Another mania that caused me concern was a rumor going around that the pregnancy tests contain an emergency contraceptive pill, but they don't.

The pill that comes with the pregnancy test is a silica gel that normally comes in orange or blue that changes colors when saturated with water, but has nothing to do with pregnancy detection. It just keeps the test device moisture-free and safe from breaking down. Yet countless teenagers have tried it. You're ahead of the game when you're aware of what they're talking about.

I don't hold back from hugging, cuddling and kissing my grandchildren. I feel they help me stay full of life, keeping my mind sharp and boosting my immune system. Come to think of it, my grandkids do both: they keep me young, and make me feel old, in partnership.

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