Our very own Taylor Cormier is going to be a dad soon. We are all so excited to meet Baby Cormier and find out what Taylor and Jess will name their sweet bundle of joy. They are keeping the sex of the baby a surprise, which is not something you see too often these days. I think it’s wonderful that they’ll share that moment together at the time that the baby is born. They’ll be great parents, no doubt. They’re already doing so much to get ready for baby.

Taylor just posted a funny video of their precious cat, Gracie, responding to the sound of a baby crying on YouTube. She seemed so alert and ready to jump into action should the baby need assistance. Jess explained that they wanted to prepare Gracie for the sound before they bring baby home. “I had read something that said to play crying baby noises to get your pet used to the sound and this is the reaction she’s had from the beginning.”

Gracie’s reaction to the sound of the baby seems precious and attentive, but Taylor isn’t sure that it’s entirely nurturing. “It may be because the sound of a rabbit in distress is very similar, so it could be more predatory than compassionate.” Way to look on the bright side, Top Cat!

I told him that my both twin sister and my sister-in-law had their dogs smell the baby’s hats from the hospital the day before they came home. That way Midas and Fenway could get used to the scents and wouldn’t be so nervous and jumpy when they were introduced in person.

“That's exactly what we plan to do, in addition to bringing something of Gracie's to the hospital, so her scent can get on the baby, too.” I thought that was a great extension of the idea and wondered if anyone else had done something similar.

How did you prepare your pets for the baby’s arrival when you were expecting?

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