WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Joe Kennedy III is applauding the passage of his amendment to the Intelligence Authorization Act that would create a Foreign Threat Response Center for elections in the United States.

Comprised of representatives of the intelligence community across different federal agencies, the Center would be responsible for analyzing and responding to any threats to American elections by Russia, Iran, North Korea, China and any other foreign country the Director determines appropriate.

“By interfering in our election and shifting the trajectory of our nation’s history, the government of Russia exposed deep vulnerabilities in our democracy that we cannot ignore,” Kennedy said.

“In little more than a year, our elections will become a target once again, only this time Russia will not be alone in attempting to sow discord and steal campaign information. That’s why the creation of the Foreign Threat Response Center is critical not just to protecting our national security and electoral security, but defending the future of our democracy.”

The Center, comprised of analysts from all elements of the intelligence community, will provide comprehensive assessment of foreign efforts to influence United States' political processes and elections by the Governments of Russia, Iran, North Korea, China, and any other foreign country the Director determines appropriate.

The amendment passed the House with a 237-196 vote.

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