At Easter, baking desserts is a tradition in our family.

With Easter coming soon, are you thinking about any desserts to celebrate the holiday? I want to share an easy-to-prepare dessert that most of your posse will love. Normally, I’m a fan of moist, cream cheese-frosted spiced carrot cake. That’s a regular standby for our family, but this Easter, I’m thinking of trying something different.

Lately I’ve been in the mood for citrus, for things like lemon cake with cream cheese frosting, or a Sicilian orange bundt cake with sour cream glaze.

There’s another delicious Paleologos tradition. Every Easter, Celeste bakes these scrumptious strawberry shortcake biscuits that are easy to make, with perfect results every time, using Original Bisquick. Simply follow the directions on the box. Hand-made whipped cream turns the shortbread into a perfect dessert.

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To add a twist, you don’t have to use fresh sliced strawberries. For variety, fresh raspberries, sliced kiwi, cling peaches or sweet fresh blueberries capture the sweet taste of a carefree Easter Sunday.

Once you’ve tried the Bisquick shortcake recipe, I think your family will agree with ours, it’s the best-tasting strawberry shortcake for your Easter celebration – or any holiday.

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