A homeless man who was the recipient of a random act of kindness earlier this week has been arrested.

According to the Standard Times, 59-year-old Glenn Williams was arrested earlier Thursday for failing to register as a Level II Sex Offender. Williams was staying with a woman in a first-floor apartment on Parker Street at the time of his arrest.

On Sunday, Wareham resident Sofia Andrade decided to share her $200 in scratch ticket winnings with Williams, who was asking for handouts at a stop sign in New Bedford. Andrade paid for Williams to stay in a room in a Wareham motel, and posted her story to Facebook. The story went viral in a matter of hours, and to date, a Go Fund Me account has raised over $17,000 for Williams.

Detective Captain Steven Vicente tells the Standard Times the charge stems from 1994, with Williams having been charged with indecent assault on a child under 14 years old.

Williams released a statement through a friend to the Standard Times explaining the circumstances around the charge:

"This black cloud has followed me for 15 years. I was dating a woman after my divorce who had two daughters, one of which who didn't like seeing a new man with her mother. She was mean to me from the very first day until the stress took a toll on our relationship and we had to break up. After we broke up, her mother became obsessive. Out of nowhere I am being charged with "indecent assault". The daughter said I "touched" her inappropriately. I had a public defender who recommended I take a plea bargain to get this over with. I never realized what that would really mean ... that I would become a sex offender. These allegations have ruined my life, causing me to lose my job, my life, respect. I eventually fell into homelessness 3 years ago. I am humiliated by these lies. I want to kill myself."

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