FAIRHAVEN — Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson is fresh off his trip to Washington, D.C. this past week, where he joined nearly 200 sheriffs from across the country to participate in a rally on Capitol Hill, present President Donald Trump an award and meet with officials from the Trump Administration.

The group of sheriffs arrived in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday morning for a rally held by the sheriffs on Capitol Hill, demanding Congress to take action on curbing illegal immigration. The Sheriff recapped his trip on the Chris McCarthy Show on Monday morning.

“The first day we there were approximately 80 angel moms and dads who joined us – people who have lost their loved ones at the hands of criminal illegal aliens, who joined us at the Capitol Building at 10:00 in the morning for a rally and a news conference, where four other sheriffs, myself and three others, spoke about the fact that Congress has continued for 20 years to not do their job,” said Sheriff Hodgson.

“The several angel moms and dads spoke about the impacts on them for the rest of their lives and why they do what they do in spite of the heartache they feel every day.”

Sheriff Hodgson says sheriffs also met with Trump Administration officials to discuss efforts to reform sanctuary city and immigration policies, which they say are harming the country. The Sheriff says the rally at Capitol Hill and meetings with the Trump Administration are in reaction to the lack of legislation produced by Congress on illegal immigration.

“We’ve asked Congress for 20 years. We’ve testified before Congress, we’ve sent them letters. We’ve been telling them our communities are deteriorating . There’s more drugs, more transnational gang violence, and thousands of Americans are being killed by criminal illegal aliens, and more and more people just flooding across the border. We’ve reached our point now where enough is enough. And if they’re not going to do their jobs, America’s sheriffs are going to go join the millions of people we represent, who elected us, and we’re going to go out and find candidates that will,” Hodgson said.

“Some of these elected officials are offended by having people call them ‘illegal’. They are here illegally, and that’s their big concern? That’s like saying, ‘you can’t call a bank robber a bank robber any more.' You need to call him an unauthorized withdrawer. It’s outrageous that the people who are serving in Congress right now are spending their time arguing and bickering over everything but what matters to the people of this nation. It’s all about their politics.”

Later that day, the group of sheriffs presented President Donald Trump a plaque honoring his support of law enforcement and work on immigration reform.

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