Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie. I was only a year old when it was released in 1993, so I was too young to appreciate it for the masterpiece that it truly is. I remember watching it when I was about five and my mother was so excited to share this cult classic with me and my twin sister. It quickly became a family tradition every October.

Quoting the movie all year long, Kayla and I were the cliché 90s kids who viewed the Sanderson Sisters as celebrities. It was no surprise that we hoped for a sequel to this film one day, utterly disappointed with every piece of fake news claiming that there was one in the works.


Our prayers were answered back in December of 2020 with Disney confirming that Winifred, Sarah, and Mary were coming back to grace our screens once more. We were ready to belt “I’ll Put a Spell on You” with all the fans in the theater if that ever becomes a thing again.

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According to a recent post from Boston's Wicked North Shore, Hocus Pocus 2 is confirmed to start filming in Salem this summer, with Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy reprising these beloved roles. Until now, no one really knew when or where filming would take place due to COVID-19 safety guidelines and restrictions.

There is not a release date yet, but one can hope that we’ll be hanging out with the Sanderson Sisters in time for Halloween 2021. Bonus points if we can arrange a double feature with the original film ahead of the sequel.

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