DARTMOUTH—A daring escape in broad daylight ended peacefully as two suspected cows are now back in custody.

At 9:45 a.m., Dartmouth Police received a call of two suspects that had escaped from a yard in the area and had been spotted in the area of the Hixville Road overpass on I-195. The suspects were described simply as "cows" and were said to be on the moooooove.

Police searched the area, and at around 10:46 a.m., it was reported that one of the suspects had been seen on I-195 Eastbound opposite of Exit 12. The cow tried to alert vehicles of its presence, but its horns did not work.

Once the cow was on a state highway, jurisdiction was transferred to the Massachusetts State Police and the suspect was captured without incident.

"They didn't put up much of fight," Dartmouth Police spokesman Det. Kyle Costa tells WBSM News of the potentially high-steaks situation. "They were actually quite afraid. They were really just a couple of cow-herds."

Police say they are udderly grateful for the help of the state troopers. They are unsure what beef the cows might have had with the owners of the yard, but are milking every available resource to find out mooooore information.

Det. Costa would not speculate if these escaped cows were related to previous cow breakouts in the area.

"It wouldn't be-hoove me to speculate on that," he said.

Det. Costa is hopeful that the yard from which the cows escaped in an attempt for greener pastures will now beef up their security to avoid a repeat off-fence.

It's the second barnyard-related incident in Dartmouth in as many days. On Monday, Officer Joe Catana celebrated National Pig in a Blanket day without the assistance of sausage links or pancakes.


Courtesy Dartmouth Police
Courtesy Dartmouth Police


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