So much time has passed since September 11, 2001 that there are now young men and women in high school that have no recollection of the events as they happened.

However, the significance of the terrorist attacks have not been lost on students at the Global Learning Charter School. The high school class attended New Bedford's 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony Friday morning.

17-year-old Amanda Garcia was just three years old on that day, but tells WBSM News she understands the importance of remembering. "Even though we were young, my parents have told me stories of where there were and where I was. It's just a follow-up to remember the day," said Garcia.

16-year-old Amara Rodrigue was two years old in 2001, and says her mother explained what 9/11 several years later. "I didn't understand it. She just said that people were being really mean to our country. She told me that it happens a lot and when I get older I'll understand more. I get it now."

Amara and other students agreed that it's important to pay tribute and commemorate the anniversary, whether they remember it or not.