Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail. Hippity hoppity, Easter cuisine is on its way.

Is it just me or did Easter come out of nowhere this year?

Per usual, I'm unprepared and have yet to make a reservation to go out to eat. Every year, I try to find a local restaurant hosting an Easter brunch, but I had a tough time finding any that weren't already booked.

Looks like I have some explaining to do if the family finds out I dropped the ball.

For all of you out there like me, I started digging deep and some Easter specials popped up. Even though it's late, maybe this will help.

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Let's be honest. Most people don't enjoy the stress cooking for the holidays brings, so make your life a little easier this year. Instead of having people over, why not have someone else cater for you? That's what going out to eat on Easter is all about. No fuss, no mess, no clean-up, just good times, mimosas, ham, waffles, steak tips and maybe something sweet at the end.

The last thing you need is the embarrassment of a dry ham, so let the professionals do the cooking this year.

To save you the search and agony, I compiled a list of 15 restaurants around the SouthCoast that are hosting either brunch or dinner specials for Easter. At this point, there may not be any reservations available, but it's worth a shot.

Happy Easter, everybody.

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