I have to thank Pete for finding this article for me!  He knows that I have become addicted to bike riding and do it every day,  now this time of year the only riding I'm doing is on a stationary bike at the gym. 

That's okay though, I still wear my riding shorts and shirt and pretend that I am enjoying the great outdoors.  If you are not familiar with riding clothes they consist of a pair of shorts that have padding where you need it and a tight shirt that wicks sweat away from your body.  If you have seen these shirts they can be pretty colorful but not too stylish, until now.

Pete found this article featuring a bunch of biking outfits and I think some of them are pretty cool!  I like the Leisure suit looking shirt as well as the Spiderman one too!  Take a look at them and tell me which one I should sport when the weather breaks and I can take to the roads of the Southcoast again!