Before the sun was able to peak over the east coast of Florida this morning, the pre-dawn silence was broken by blaring sirens as heavily armed police officers and FBI agents raided the Fort Lauderdale home of an elderly former Trump adviser.

After first driving the 66-year-old Roger Stone to near-bankruptcy, Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted him yesterday, resulting in this morning's 6 a.m. raid.

CNN producer David Shortell just happened to be there with camera in hand when the bust went down. How's that for coincidence? Shortell claims his reporter's instinct made him believe that something was going to happen.

Stone faces a seven-count indictment charging him with making false statements, witness tampering, and obstruction, but not a single charge of colluding with the Russians. So far not a single charge of Russia collusion has been filed against anyone in this year-and-a-half-long probe that has cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars. Not one.

Stone told Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson on Wednesday that Mueller is trying to get him to turn on Trump.

“No matter how much pressure they put on me, no matter what they say I will not bear false witness against Donald Trump,” Stone said. “I will not do what Michael Cohen has done and make up lies to ease the pressure on myself.”

I don't know what, if anything Stone is guilty of, but it sure isn't collusion with Russia. Otherwise, he'd have been charged with that, no?

Perhaps the most fascinating part of this entire story is Shortell's ability to foretell the future, knowing to arrive at Stone's home by 5 a.m., an hour before the authorities got there. You know, almost as though somebody tipped him off or something.

Maybe I'll hit him up on the outcome of next week's Super Bowl before I head off to the casino.

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