Have you ever seen things in your dreams that have come true? As a talk-show host, I have the opportunity to hear a lot of strange stories and experiences from my listeners! In a moment, you'll read the actual email of a listener whose dream saw death coming, recently! I know that physics has made great strides in explaining the nature of time, but do you believe your dreams can predict an event before its actual time?

Hi Phil,

Tried to find the courage to call you on air, but I just couldn't. Maybe because it's very emotional for me and I felt like nobody would believe me. So I am going to relate to you right now the best I can of what I experienced in a dream last night.  It was between the hours of 3:00 and 6:00 am. of Sept. 26. The first thing I remember was seeing a man I know who used to work with me who had retired six years ago.  And about a year before he retired I had told him how he reminded me of Andy Williams.  So there he was in my dream. I was so elated to be in his company that I just showered him with kisses. Then I asked him to please sing "Moon River" and as he began to sing I joined him and we were singing together in front of a crowd of people, but he was fading in and out and it bothered me because I needed to hear that uninterrupted impeccable voice that I so adored. Then he excused himself as he headed to his hotel room and said: "I have to go dance with this lady now".  And right before he closed the door, I caught a glimpse of her silver-gray curly hair. The next thing I recall was being on an overpass watching as he drove away down the highway.

When I woke up around 6:10 am I was recalling the dream and wandered what could it mean. My first thought was "Oh my God, I hope Andy hasn't died!" Then around 9:30 am, as I am talking with my sister who lives downstairs from me, I hear the music from the song "Moon River" coming from my radio. I tell her "wait a minute, hold on" and turned up my radio to hear the announcement that Andy Williams had in fact passed away! I nearly dropped to my knees in disbelief!

Phil, I cannot begin to tell you how much I loved Andy Williams. How his voice would just fill my soul with love and transcend me into another realm. And it was at least 10 months ago that I somehow got the idea that while I am crossing over from this world to the next, I want to be hearing that song "Moon River" playing. And then, at the end of March of this year I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Two months later in May, as I left the doctor's office that song was playing on the intercom.  But the facts surrounding it all is a little complicated, so I won't get into it right now.

As a side note: There's one thing that Andy and I had in common, and that was a deep respect and love for Robert Kennedy, although I did not know him personally as Andy did.

I do hope you receive this, Phil.

Warmest regards,
A WBSM listener

Is it "coincidence" or can your dreams come true? Leave me your dream story!

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