Over the past few days, several shark sightings in the area have put boaters and swimmers on high alert. On Wednesday, Westport public beaches were closed after a shark fin was spotted 100 yards offshore. Just a few days earlier, a Great White Shark was reported by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy's Sharktivity app in Buzzards Bay.

It was the first sighting of this year, but is this a sign that there are more to come?

Let’s not forget 10 years ago when a great white shark washed ashore in Westport, making nightmares a reality for some of us.

In 2012, all eyes were on Westport after a fisherman named Gary Severa was looking to cast his line near Little Compton's Goosewing Beach and got a bigger catch than he bargained for.

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Severa discovered the dead, 13-foot, 1,700-pound shark washed up on the beach. He originally thought it was driftwood, but once he got closer, he was in for a surprise.

“It puts a little chill in you when you find out it’s got a whole row of teeth in it,” he said.

Marine Biologist Dr. Greg Skomal told The Boston Herald the shark's cause of death "will probably remain a mystery."

After all these years, that mystery was never solved.

Ten years later, Westport and other SouthCoast beaches continue to deal with the threat of shark-infested waters.

Luckily, sharks don’t actively seek out humans, but accidents happen, and that’s why I will be swimming a little closer to shore this year.

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