Do you have a hobby? I remember being a kid and my older brother had model cars and planes, I was into model trains. I had a huge set in my basement, every week I would add to it, new train cars, engines, track and buildings. I think of the hours I spent doing it, I was in my own world. It's been years since I thought about my model trains.

Over the weekend 'Bristol County Radio Control Club' had their 4th Annual John Nicolaci Memorial Float Fly at Mary's Pond in Rochester, the club invited members and other AMA guests to bring thier 'float fly' planes to the event. I was out riding my bike when I came across the event, these guys were having a blast flying the models they worked hard on.

I took some video of one of the planes flying, check it out. What a fun day for this group, I can't wait until next years event.