When I heard the news reports about the alleged sexual accusations against 300 predator priests abusing over 1,000 children over 70 years, I was paralyzed and numbed. And when the news went on to describe the alleged sexual incidents, I thought this was the direct infiltration of Satan on the priesthood.

What I didn't think about doing was read the actual Pennsylvania grand jury report. Did you? Did any of the commentators read it? According to Bill Donohue, Ph.D., President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, these are accusations, most of which were never verified by either the grand jury or the Dioceses.

According to Donohue, CBS News was wrong to say that all of the accused are priests. He says some were brothers, deacons and seminarians. Donohue speculates that maybe half of the 300 were guilty. He goes on to debunk myths and lies, like 300 priests were found guilty of preying on children in Pennsylvania. He said the fact is, no one was found guilty of anything.

What's interesting is most of the accusations were never substantiated, and the accused named in the report were never afforded the right to rebut the charges. Why? Because the report was only investigative and not evidential. In other words, the summary suggests that it is authoritative, when it is not.

I hope you click on the link and read what everyone has been talking about without bothering to read it themselves first. I understand that there are many vicious attackers of the Catholic Church, but why would CBS and others drive the current mania? This is troubling.

One possible answer is there are those who would like to weaken the moral authority of the Catholic Church, and discredit its voice because they hate its teachings on abortion, marriage and the family.

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