Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker paid a visit to the New Bedford Joseph Abboud factory Tuesday to take a closer look at the largest men's tailored clothing manufacturer in North America.

Company founder Joseph Abboud led a tour of the factory, where Baker was joined by Mayor Jon Mitchell and Representatives Antonio Cabral, Robert Koczera and William Straus.

Governor Baker met with a number of employees and wants to make sure their hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

"We talk a lot about a high-tech state, we talk a lot about health care, we talk a lot about education and finance but there's still a lot of manufacturing in Massachusetts and we need to remember that and talk about it and support it." Baker said.

The factory employs over 800 people and produces hundreds of thousands of suits per year. Abboud said Tuesday's visit helps get the word out beyond the city about the hard work being done.

"I wanted the governor to see our people and I wanted our people to see that they've got the recognition from our governor," Abboud said. "We want to make sure that we can get national recognition for what we do in New Bedford."

"Manufacturing here in Greater New Bedford accounts for a larger share of the economy than it does more generally in Massachusetts...I'm glad the governor understands that the Massachusetts economy isn't just healthcare and life science and technology and finance, it's still manufacturing and manufacturing's done very well," Mitchell said.

After the tour, Governor Baker also spoke about the landmark legislation combating addiction he signed into law Monday. He made clear it contains a dual focus of prevention and education.

"We have to do a better job on the treatment and recovery side, but we also have to do a much better job preventing kids and adults from becoming addicted in the first place," said Baker.

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