Jay Gonzalez, the Democrat Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, will raise taxes if he is elected on November 6.

How do I know that? He said so.

Gonzalez, who served as former Democrat Governor Deval Patrick's budget chief for three years, is not even attempting to hide his plans to increase taxes if he is elected. Gonzalez received wild applause from U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and other members of the all-Democrat congressional delegation when he said at a campaign rally last week, "We do need more money. I'm going to be proposing ways to ask those who are doing well in this state to pay more so that we can make some of these critical investments that will lift everybody up."

This, as the Democrat leaders on Beacon Hill continue to meet to try and figure out how to spend the surplus money that was left over at the end of the fiscal year that ended on June 30. My suggestion would be to put it in the bank or pay down debt, but they are Democrats and do not understand that kind of fiscal logic.

Gov. Deval Patrick signs the fiscal 2012 budget. Watching over him are Labor and Workforce Development Secretary Joanne Goldstein, Education Secretary Paul Reville and Administration and Finance Secretary Jay Gonzalez. 7-11-11 (SHNS Photo)

Gonzalez and Patrick attempted to raise the gas tax annually without requiring a vote from the legislature. They also wanted to raise taxes on candy, soda and booze, remember? They know how to raise taxes and spend your money.

So, be forewarned that Jay Gonzalez will raise your taxes if he is elected governor. He has told you he will. Trust him. He would not lie about that.

As angry as you might be at Governor Charlie Baker--and he has given us reason to be angry with him--Baker's worst day is far better than Gonzalez's best day would be as Governor of Massachusetts.

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