You want evidence that the political landscape shifted when Donald Trump was elected president? Liberal Patrick Administration budget writer Jay Gonzalez is getting his butt kicked by Republican Charlie Baker in the race for governor, in the bluest of blue states, Massachusetts.

Another prominent Democrat, Bristol County D.A. Thomas Quinn, joins at least 22 Democrat mayors and town officials statewide to endorse Baker. Is it possible that Gonzalez is just too left to be right?

Jay Gonzales, Democrat candidate for Governor

I saw Gonzalez speak at the candidate forum in New Bedford on Wednesday night, and sat open-mouthed listening to his repeated pledges to raise taxes. He didn't even try to bury the tax talk in some flowery rhetoric, like Democrats used to do. BAM! It was right there.

Come to think of it, Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi have stated unequivocally that they favor higher taxes as well.


Gonzalez also stated boldly that when he is governor, he will abandon the Middleboro route for South Coast Rail and drive that sucker right through Stoughton. I guess he thinks this is our first rodeo with a governor on the rail issue. His knowledge of the fishing industry seemed limited at best.

Gonzalez struck me as a slick, shallow stuffed shirt without a whole lot of knowledge about our area and one hell of a desire to dig deep into our pockets.

Getty Images for the USOC

Charlie Baker is too left-leaning for my liking, but Baker has managed to keep the ship afloat without raising my taxes. The state actually finished the fiscal year with a surplus, and unemployment is lower than the national average. Gonzalez thinks there is something wrong with that but is unable to articulate just what it is.

You have to have a reason to throw the bums out, and Gonzalez has yet to make that case.

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