NEW BEDFORD — City Councilor At-Large Brian Gomes is responding to statements made by City Council candidate Carlos Felix at a Tuesday night candidate’s forum that resulted in a confrontation.

Councilor Gomes called into the Barry Richard Show on Wednesday to discuss the heated exchange after Felix levied a personal attack at Gomes as each candidate was given the opportunity to make an uninterrupted statement. When Felix got the mic, he called for Gomes to resign from his Council seat “until his sexual harassment case is solved.”

“I didn’t expect that. I did not do anything to perpetuate that. And I’m always looking around the room. I’m looking around the room at when I’m at a community meeting. I’m looking around the room when I’m at a City Council meeting. I’m always looking around the room, especially when I don’t feel comfortable,” said Gomes.

“What transpired last night shouldn’t have gone on and that was [supposed to be] about the issues and debating about the office of Councilor At-Large, not personal attacks.”

Following the remarks by Felix, fellow candidate Mike Janson attempted to take the microphone from him along with organizer Buddy Andrade.

Gomes also went on in the discussion to clarify that he is not facing any legal issues, and in fact, is suing St. Luke’s Hospital for wrongful termination.

“I don’t have legal problems. The hospital has legal problems. I’ve got to remind all of you that I have brought a suit against St. Luke’s Hospital. I don’t have any legal problems. Accusations have been made that are unfair and lies and I will prove that. I will prove that in my day in court, but to continue to get that hit is unfair to the public,” Gomes stated.

“There some of the greatest people I’ve ever met in my life. I would not do anything to hurt my family, this city, them or anyone and I’m going to defend myself.”

The final election in New Bedford is scheduled for November 5.

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