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Has Gisele Bundchen just ratcheted up another offseason controversy for her husband, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady? 

It appears so, after Bundchen claimed that Brady suffered a concussion in the 2016 season, during an interview on "CBS This Morning."

Bundchen claimed that Brady has suffered concussions multiple times in his career, while speaking to Charlie Rose. Brady has, however, never been listed on the injury report with a head-related injury.

The NFL released a statement later in the day, saying that they have reviewed all 2016 reports and that there are no indications that Brady suffered a concussion.

According to a CBS report, the Patriots declined to comment upon request.

Obviously, concussions and head injuries are always serious and never anything to mess with. The hope would clearly be that Brady has been able to stay away from the in his career, though his competitive nature makes it believable that he has potentially skirted the system and kept at least mild concussions from the team and trainers.

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