I always wanted to be a cartoon!

And now, thanks to the amazing Dennis Rano, who has an entire website where he draws people from the paranormal field, I am one! Which is very appropriate for this week's Spooky Southcoast, since we'll be welcoming some of the folks from this Sunday's SouthCoast Toy and Comic Show happening at the Seaport Inn and Marina.

Steve Perry, the organizer of the event, will join us in the Spooky Studio and he's going to try to bring along some of the stars as well. Could Gil Gerard--"Buck Rogers" himself--be there with us? Or Cindy Morgan, star of "Caddyshack" and "Tron?" Or maybe even "Return of the Jedi" puppeteer Mike Quinn. It's truly going to be a geek's dream come true.

Be sure to check out the SouthCoast Toy and Comic Show on Sunday from 10-5. Tickets are just $8 and kids under 6 are free. I'll be there, serving as host for all the panel discussions with the celebrities in attendance. Hope to see you there!

Here's a video from our pal Uncle Fright, recorded at a past event...