Cancer has unfortunately touched most of us, in one way or another. Whether you've seen a family member or friend bravely battle, or perhaps you yourself had a courageous battle,there's no rhyme or reason to it. Unfortunately when it strikes, we can hope for the best prognosis, a great treatment plan and support from friends and family

Lisa Birknes Tavares has been a lifelong resident of Dartmouth, MA. She has worked with non-profit organizations to secure grants for the Dartmouth Parks & Rec board and has volunteered her time to programs that benefit youth. Six years ago, Lisa began feeling very fatigued and was diagnosed with pneumonia.  After a series of tests at Brigham & Woman's, Lisa was also told that she had Lymphoma. Since then, she has undergone  a serious regiment of radiation and chemotherapy. As a result of many years of battling lymphoma, quite the toll has been taken on Lisa's immune system and organs, leaving her weak and unable to work.

In an effort to help Lisa who is a single mother,  her friends and family have created "Lisa's Fund" to help raise money for her medical expenses which have amassed to over $50,000.00 and continue to accumulate. A fundraiser is being held on Thursday, December 11, 2014 at The Inner Bay. The event includes dinner, auctions and entertainment. Tickets are $30.00.  You can purchase directly at The Inner Bay Restaurant on Cove Road in New Bedford, MA. For more information, call 508-995-8807.

All donations are tax deductible and any donation is appreciated.