This moon is the trifecta of all moons. Not only is it the second full moon in January (making it a blue moon), but it will be a supermoon (at, or near its closest point in its orbit around Earth – appearing larger and brighter than any other moon), and will feature a blood moon (a total lunar eclipse will occur, and while the moon is in the Earth’s shadow, will take on a reddish tint).

According to, a lunar eclipse won’t be visible for us here on the Southcoast as the moon will set before totality begins. However, we will still see a partial lunar eclipse starting at 5:50 am and lasting for a little over an hour, reaching its peak at 6:53 am. So, on Wednesday, January 31st, be sure to take a look up and witness the “super blue blood moon.”

You would think that something like this is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity, but according to, you can behold another “super blue blood moon” on December 31, 2028. Mark your calendar!

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