Phil and I broadcasted from the Feast Friday night. It was my FIRST Feast, and I never would have expected such a huge turnout. By 5 pm, the area was jam-packed with people looking for good music, food, and reuniting with family and friends they haven't seen in a while. Even my family showed up to see me doing my thing and spoke on air for a bit. Everyone except for Nicholas, who was too shy to join in. Thanks guys!

Phil, Kasey and guest on air at the Feast
Photo from Kristen Pacheco

Phil was typical Phil working the crowd. He literally knows everyone! We must have had at least 20 people come up to say hi and he ended up asking them questions about the Feast. Ed Camara was one of our on air guests and he talked about how all proceeds from the Feast go to charity. They were able to handout scholarships to high school seniors in order to financially assist in their first year at school. Russ Chamberlain of Mercy Meals and More talked about how much the feast helps them provide hot meals for those in need. We cannot tell you enough how much we appreciate all the hard work that went into planning the event!

Ed Camara was so kind to hook me up with chicken and malassadas. Knowing my status as a picky-eater, he wanted to make sure I could still enjoy the food and atmosphere to its fullest. The food was delicious, I cannot thank you enough! One of the bartenders also tried to keep our spirits up. After coming over with a rice pudding shot and a margarita, we were beginning to think they wanted us to get a little rowdy on air! We were grateful for their hospitality, but remained professional (I swear!) We made sure our taste tester, Taylor Cormier was fully prepared for his duties!

Taylor, Kasey, Phil
Feast Selfie!

I did get to try a sip of the Madeira Wine after we finished our broadcast at 6. Let me tell you, I was not expecting that intensity. You can see my reaction here. And it's priceless.

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