Heroic efforts made by Freetown Police officers save a man's life.

Sgt. Scott Rose and Patrolman Thomas Ashley were called to a South Main Street business location just before midnight Sunday, to a report of a 45-year-old suicidal male who was heavily intoxicated. When the officers arrived, the man had climbed to the second story of the wooden structure, and had tied a metal cable around the rafters with the other end around his neck.

Sgt. Scott Rose tells WBSM News every effort was made to talk the man down.

The man stepped off the edge of a wooden crossbeam and was hanging by his neck. Sgt. Rose and Patrolman Ashley managed to scale the 10-foot wooden structure, and with the help of Patrolman Mark Fornaciari were able to cut the metal cable and lower the man safely to the ground.

The man was transported to Charlton Memorial Hospital for further treatment.

Sgt. Rose says he and his fellow officers couldn't be more pleased of the outcome. He says his thoughts and prayers are with the man and his family and friends during this time.