Ice and a little dusting of snow covered most of the SouthCoast by Friday night making for some dangerous road conditions, but also some beautiful photos like a scene right out of the Frozen films.

Friday was a seriously dreary day with clouds and rain throughout, bringing puddles and flooding to many yards and streets. At my house, the melting snow and fresh rainfall left my lawn completely flooded with small ponds popping up everywhere. Then as soon as the temperatures dropped, the puddles froze and it seemed as if we could ice skate across the lawn.

Of course, my kids loved slipping and sliding around, not to mention searching for icicles hanging from every tree, chair and even the swing set in the yard. Yet no icicle they found could possible compare to the stunning ice show discovered by Freetown police officers on patrol Sunday morning.

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While driving near Dighton Rock State Park, a scene from Queen Elsa's ice castle appeared on the side of the road and clearly the officers who found it just had to share what they saw.

A section of bare-branched trees just off the road had obviously become very wet from Friday's rain and then froze solid in almost unreal thickness on those bare branches. It really doesn't look like those skinny tree limbs should be able to support such ice, but considering the icicles are so long they meet the frozen ground, that may just be the reason this all stays together in icy beauty.

It wasn't all a winter wonderland, however. The nature-made roadside attraction also spilled out into the street a bit, making driving a little dangerous along that stretch of road.

Freetown Police Department via Facebook
Freetown Police Department via Facebook

Luckily, no accidents were reported by the stretch of ice and hopefully Mother Nature helps defrost the SouthCoast throughout the week ahead.

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