WAREHAM — On Wednesday, August 30 at approximately 7 p.m., Wareham Police officers responded to the area of the Depot Street Crossing Apartment complex at the intersection of Minot Avenue and Depot Street for a reported disturbance. Upon arrival, officers noticed four adults yelling, screaming, and fighting with each other in the middle of Minot Avenue, as they blocked traffic and caused several area residents, including young children, to stop and notice the commotion.

After ignoring officers and refusing to stop their disruptive actions, the four adults were placed under arrest and briefly resisted, as they continued to yell and scream while in the roadway. Investigation of the incident determined the adults were possibly arguing about personal property and extended the incident from an involved participant’s Depot Crossing apartment into Minot Avenue, although the exact reason for the disturbance is yet unknown. One adult male, identified as 34-year-old Casey Peluso, was determined to be intoxicated.

The following individuals were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace:

--Catlyn Coppolino, age 23, of #12 Indian Neck Rd. Wareham
--Summer Frazier, age 28, of #125 Minot Ave. Apt. A, Wareham
--Casey Peluso, age 34, of #125 Minot Ave. Apt. A, Wareham
--Matthew Goodchild, age 31, of #420 Main St. Apt. B, Wareham (Last Known Address)

The four arrested individuals were scheduled to be arraigned Thursday morning at Wareham Fourth District Court.

--Wareham Police Department

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