The former manager and owner of the Temptations adult entertainment club on Pope's Island says he wants to open another venue in New Bedford.

Calvin Ortiz says Temptations was closed four months ago after the building was sold and the new owner no longer wanted adult entertainment on the property.

Ortiz told WBSMs Brian Thomas on Saturday, he's currently working with the city to find a new site, but its not easy. "It cannot be near churches, schools or residential property obviously, I respect that. So what I'm trying to do is find the perfect zoning for the club."

Ortiz says he wants to reopen his business and contribute to New Bedford by offering jobs and making donations that help needy people. "I'm gonna keep trying and keep working as hard as i can to reopen," said Ortiz. "To me, its a business and its something that's offered me and my family a great life, and that's what I'll continue to do."

Ortiz says while some people look at adult entertainment as a negative thing, he does not. Ortiz sees the buisness just like any regular bar or nightclub where he can work, make a living and offer jobs to others.

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