FALL RIVER — The Fall River Diocese says a priest who formerly worked in parishes in New Bedford and Seekonk has been placed on leave while he is being investigated for misconduct.

Father David Sharland is facing scrutiny for alleged misconduct that the diocese did not disclose, but described as "inconsistent with standards of ministerial behavior."

But the alleged misconduct does not involve a minor or the priest's ministry, according to a release from the diocese.

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Sharland has been working outside Fall River — mostly in Virginia — since 2002 as a member of the Youth Apostles.

Bishop Edgar da Cunha has placed Sharland on leave pending the results of the investigation, the release stated.

While on leave he will not be allowed to exercise public ministry or publicly present himself as a priest.

Sharland was ordained in Fall River in 1999 and worked as a parochial vicar in New Bedford and in Seekonk before being assigned outside the diocese to the Virginia-based Youth Apostles in 2002.

Da Cunha is overseeing the investigation of the allegations against him as a member of the Fall River Diocese despite the fact that he works out of state, according to the release.

Anyone with concerns about the conduct of any priest, staff member, or volunteer affiliated with the Fall River diocese is asked to contact local law enforcement.

They are also encouraged to contact diocesan Victim Assistance Director Carolyn Shipp at 508-985-6508 or cshipp@dioc-fr.org, the release notes.

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