Former New Bedford Mayor Fred Kalisz is among those who are remember former Providence mayor Vincent "Buddy" Cianci following his death Thursday morning.

Cianci was best known for his revitilization of the city, an effort that Kalisz says many other municipal leaders took notice of.

"He was a man that physically moved the river, as a result of that you saw all the benefits of WaterFire, new urban growth, commercial development in the city of Providence, and it certainly set a standard," said Kalisz "it also showed that things just don't happen overnight, in his case it was almost a total of over 20 years of involvement."

Kalisz says he was so impressed by Cianci's efforts toward's urban renewal that he invited him to speak at the New Bedford Public Library.

Cianci not only came but Kalisz says he also complimented the Whaling City.

" Buddy came in and he says 'ya know kid I drove around your's pretty good looking, lights are working, streets are clean, what more can you ask for?'"

While lauding Cianci's accomplishment Kalisz says it's important to remember that he wasn't a man without flaws.

"It's a challenging career, and it's one in which obviously people can go astray," said Kalisz "Buddy not only did not so good things, but he also showed where the weaknesses can come when you're an elected official in a highly placed community."

Cianci was 74.

ABC6 says a wake for Buddy Cianci to be held February 6-7 at Providence City Hall with the funeral on Monday February 8 at the Cathedral of Saints Peter & Paul.

Cianci will then be laid to rest at St. Anne's Cemetery in Cranston in a family plot, and Nardolillo Funeral Home will be handling the services.

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