Back in April, Forever Paws Animal Shelter partnered with Finding Rover. Funded by The Petco Foundation, this is a free mobile app that helps pet owners find their lost dogs in real-time using facial recognition technology.

The process is simple! At Forever Paws, all animals are entered into the shelter’s software with photographs and any identifying information. Any animals marked as strays who have been brought in by animal control officers from the municipalities of Fall River, New Bedford, and Westport, will be automatically uploaded to Finding Rover. From there, pet owners or shelter staff can use the app to search through local listings. The app matches the faces of lost dogs with those in the shelter, allowing owners to look for their animals via smartphone or computer in under 3 minutes.

In addition to this life-saving technology, Finding Rover members can look through available adoptable pets and with a quick one-step process, ownership can be transferred to new adopters in Finding Rover to keep the dog safe in the future.

Register your dog today in the Finding Rover Community and your pet becomes searchable by thousands of users if he or she is ever lost. This is just one more great tool for protecting our pets.

For more information and to get the free app, click HERE.

About Forever Paws Animal Shelter: Forever Paws Animal Shelter in a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and care for stray, abused, and abandoned animals. For more information, please visit the website HERE.

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