NEW BEDFORD - After offering non-stop flights from New Bedford to Vero Beach, Florida, Elite Airways is considering expanding their travel options out of the New Bedford Regional Airport.

New Bedford Regional Airport Director Scott Servis says after several successful trial flights during the holiday season, Elite Airways is in talks with the airport to offer other destinations to New Bedford travelers.

"There's some talk of Myrtle Beach and Newark," said Servis. "It all depends on their fleet size, availability, and number of passengers. That's what they're working out, to find out what's going to get them the biggest bang for their buck, so to speak."

The non-stop flights from New Bedford to Vero Beach began at $239 per passenger for a one-way ticket.

Servis says the positive response from those who took advantage of the flights to Florida is part of the reason Elite Airways wants to continue doing business in New Bedford.

"We got a lot of positive feedback from people in and around New Bedford that really liked it. The convenience of a small airport, getting in, getting out, making it easy. It's been exciting. We've got a lot of feedback that's gone directly to Elite, so they're excited about it, also."

Elite Airways plans resume flights to Florida in the spring and summer, while also expanding their destination offerings. Servis says nothing is set in stone right now, and that Elite Airways' schedule will be based on aircraft and pilot availability.

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