While many people on the political front may have been familiar with Paul Ryan, many people were left wondering just who this guy was. Why did Mitt Romney choose him? Here are a few facts about him that will help you better get to know the next possible Vice President.



1. Has A Tough Workout Routine

Women seem to be fainting at the site of Paul Ryan. Turns out he wasn't born looking so damn handsome, his workouts are pretty intense. He is an avid user of the at home fitness program P90x. He even has many members of congress doing the routine with him in the mornings.

2. Great Speaker

If you have been waiting for years for a guy who can really give a speech, than look no further. Ryan is great with words. So how did he get to be such a good speaker? He use to write speeches before becoming someone that gave speeches. Get ready to be wowed with words.

3. Loves To Fish

All of us have hobbies, and Ryan just so happens to love fishing. Fly-fishing to be precise. He doesn't always do it alone, he likes to include the family in this activity. I'm sure he could give us some pointers, since we always seem to come back with less bait, and no fish.

4. Listens To Classical Music

Ryan is a tough guy to pin down. He tends to ignore reporters on Capitol Hill by listening to his iPod. So what is his music of choice? Beethoven is one of them. Who can blame him? It's pretty relaxing. He also likes Led Zeppelin. We like a guy with eclectic taste.

5. Hates Being Called 'Petey'

So no one really calls him 'Petey', because that wouldn't make sense. Apparently growing up, Ryan's nickname was P.D. - Paul and his middle name Davis. The sound of it sounded like 'Petey', and he does not enjoy it. Just stick with Paul, or Mr. Ryan.

[Via Politico]

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