If you ask soccer fans there are probably more than five reasons to watch one of the world's most widely viewed sporting events, but for those who maybe aren't so into the World Cup, there are still some very attractive reasons to watch.I'm of course talking about the players!

Many of these guys are very good looking and I thought we could take a moment to objectify some of the soccer players we'll hopefully be seeing throughout the tournament.

  • Scott Heavey/Getty Images
    Scott Heavey/Getty Images

    Gerard Pique

    Shakira's significant other is a very good looking guy and apparently a very good player winning every major tournament, including the Champions, the Premier League, the World Cup, and the European Super Cup. The 27-year-old center plays for Spain if you want to see him on the field.

  • Julian Finney/Getty Images
    Julian Finney/Getty Images

    Olivier Giroud

    I think this 27-year-old Frenchman might be the one to watch this World Cup. He is definitely a hottie and has lots of tattoos, which I love! He also has some striking blue eyes, which is fitting since his playing position is striker, and he's known for his physical style of play and heading ability.

  • Alex Livesey/Getty Images
    Alex Livesey/Getty Images

    Glen Johnson

    He may only be 29, but Glen Johnson is playing in his second World Cup this year. The British defender usually has a serious look on the field, but some wins for England are bound to make him smile. And it is a very nice smile!

  • Claudio Villa/Getty Images
    Claudio Villa/Getty Images

    Claudio Marchisio

    The Italian press seems to love him and it's not hard to see why. Those piercing blue eyes are amazing! He been dubbed "Il Principino” (The Little Prince) by Italian writers and the ladies faun over him as well. and have you seen his Dolce & Gabbana ad? Click through and thank me later!

  • Mike Hewitt/Getty Images
    Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Last, but certainly not least the soccer player everyone seems to drool over, Cristiano Ronaldo. He is the highest paid soccer player in the world right now and his skills on the field also earned him the Ballon d’Or this year. I'd say more, but I know you're just staring at his picture at this point.

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