Operation: Food Drop is right around the corner, here's a reminder of what products should stay behind when making a donation.

1. Homemade Food Items - Listen, we get it. Everyone LOVES your homemade brownies. But knowing they have a short shelf life and the number of different food allergies out there it would be best to donate a food item with an ingredients label.

2. Glass Items - Transporting food from donation center to families in need can be strenuous on the food packaging. When donating products in glass packages, like tomato sauce or juices, there is a large chance of breaking which would lead to contaminating other foods, not to mention all the glass pieces floating around. Instead, try to find products in boxes or cans when possible.

3. Expired Food Items - Sometimes people aren't looking when they're collecting food items from their kitchen to donate. When an item that has passed its expiration date is donated, it's taking away space for other products that would be better suited for our families. Make sure you read your labels before packing your cars! These items WILL be thrown out on location.

4. Alcohol - Although a glass of wine is how some folks might celebrate the holidays, it is not an appropriate product to bring to a food drive. Instead, try to donate 100% fruit juice or non-alcoholic cider.

5. Open Packages - It may have just ripped on your drive over, but unfortunately opened packages cannot be accepted by food drives. With the risk of contaminating food with outside substances, it's best to look closely at each donation before donating it.

Click HERE for a list of items that are acceptable to donate to Operation: Food Drop. Think you've got the stuff to make 1,000 Thanksgiving Day food baskets happen?

Operation: Food Drop is made possible through the help of our community sponsors, including NBCU and ProGroup Contracting. All collected items will benefit United Way of Greater New Bedford and their Hunger Heroes Project.

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