Voting is underway in the United Kingdom as British voters decide whether or the country should stay a part of the European Union or leave.

If they vote to leave Ray Lantz, of USA Wealth Group in Dartmouth, tells WBSM News that would have a major impact on the EU's stock market which in turn would have a major impact on the U.S. economy.

"The first immediate impact is that the European stock market is probably going to take a major hit," said Lantz "initially we won't see too much of it but it will probably have an impact on our own stock market."

Lantz says a yes vote could also lead to an increase in interest rates here at home.

"Gradually we would see mortgage interest rates go up I suspect," said Lantz "but more importantly for people who live on fixed incomes and who need to get more interest in their bank accounts I think that would be a positive thing."

The latest poll showed a narrow lead for those wishing to remain a part of the EU.

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