Alissa Johnson Borges posted the sweetest photo on Facebook with an even sweeter story behind it.

"So there is a new boy in the neighborhood. Izzy is quite smitten..shhhh don't tell her. Landon asked why are you two holding hands? Logan replied because we want to and I want to make sure she is safe.. seriously how adorable what a gentleman. Chivalry is being reborn.. The bonus is I went to school with his mother.." Izzy is six and Logan is seven. Landon (not pictured) is Izzy's older brother who asked them why they were holding hands.

I cannot tell you how nice it was to scroll past this in my newsfeed this morning. It warms my heart to see a young boy who is being raised as a gentleman. Chivalry is NOT dead. It is alive and well - clearly evident in Logan's upbringing.

Alissa Johnson Borges / Facebook
Alissa Johnson Borges / Facebook

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