WBSM and FUN107 joined with the United Way of Greater New Bedford, Feed The Children, employees of PriceRite and volunteers to help distribute food to 800 local families Tuesday. The parking lot of the supermarket was cordoned off with yellow tape tied to shopping carts to provide a large area for cars to drive through so volunteers could load a 25-pound box of food, a 10-pound box of Avon essentials, a bag of PriceRite products and a case of water. Everyone needed a voucher that was obtained from local United Way agencies.

As I spoke with many of the low income mothers there, they shared similar stories of how difficult it is to make ends meet and that without help like this, the kids end up getting shorted. Everyone expressed appreciation. One of the stories that involved Jimmy Kalife of Fairhaven Lumber who donated the forklift and experienced driver to help unload almost 3 trailer trucks full of food on pallets. At the last minute, Tuesday morning, a frantic call went  out to Jimmy asking for his help, otherwise getting the food unloaded would have been nearly impossible without a forklift. Jimmy didn't hesitate to say yes, and help was on its way.

It's stories like this that define the character of a community. When I hear the naysayer's  call-in to put New Bedford down, I only have to look to events like Feed the Children, that WBSM was proud to be a part of, to be reminded about of how terrific our home town really is!