This may have been my second "Feast" this summer, but it was my first time at The Feast in the Wild at Buttonwood Park. And it won't be the last! This is an event like no other. Guests were able to enjoy samples from local restaurants and music from entertainers like Gary James Farias all while walking through the zoo! At one point I had Oxford Creamery chocolate Ice cream in one hand, and a chocolate chip cupcake from Emma Jeans in the other. I have such a sweet tooth! You could also enjoy something savory like Wicked Kickin's cheesecakes, which were so creative!

The event also included some pretty cool raffle and auction items, such as a behind the scenes look at the animal habitats. Who wouldn't want to have a one-on-one meet & greet with the most beloved elephants, Emily and Ruth? And let me tell you, an elephant truly never forgets. Last night there was a man standing next to me that had met them both once many years ago with his daughters, and Ruth came right up to him and held out her trunk to greet him. I'm totally convinced that she remembered him from so long ago!

I'm so glad I could experience this event with my friends. Phil did an excellent job with the live auction, and Greg took some great pictures. Julie was the best companion to eat food with, so thank you for that! =D