For more than 60 years, the FBI has issued their "Ten Most Wanted" list of criminals.  But now, its the 21st century, and the heralded law enforcement organization is keeping up with the times.  The Bureau has recently released a list of its "Most Wanted" Cyber Criminals, and the names on that list come from all over the world!  Here's some examples:

  • Five members of China’s People’s Liberation Army indicted on charges of illegally penetrating the networks of six U.S. companies and stealing proprietary information, including trade secrets;
  • The Russian administrator and other co-conspirators wanted in connection with an alleged scheme to install the Zeus malware on unsuspecting victims’ computers and capture bank account numbers, passwords, personal identification numbers, and other information needed to log into online bank accounts and make unauthorized transfers;
  • A New York-born man allegedly responsible for stealing the identities of 40,000 people and then using the stolen information to siphon funds from their brokerage or bank accounts and purchase expensive electronic items with their credit.
  • Two Pakistani nationals wanted for their alleged involvement in an international telecommunications scheme that defrauded unsuspecting individuals, companies, and government entities in both the United States and abroad out of more than $50 million by compromising business telephone systems; and
  • An El Salvadoran national allegedly involved in manufacturing spyware which was used to intercept the private communications of hundreds, if not thousands, of victims.

Here's the FBI's "most Wanted Cyber Criminals Webpage:

Anyone with information should contact the FBI.

Information from FBI Website


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