No sooner did I write last week about how disturbing the FBI actions have been, surrounding the Hillary Email issue, when Director Comey stunned the planet with the news that new evidence was discovered that would lead to an intense reactivation of the case.

It appears that the estranged husband of Hillary's chief-of-staff Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, who himself is a disgraced former Democrat Congressman representing the state of New York, was being investigated by the FBI for engaging in internet "sexting" with an underage teen aged girl.  While investigators seized his laptop, they discovered 650,000 Emails which seem to be quite pertinent to the case of the private internet server of Secretary Clinton, recently looked into by FBI agents.


There should be no mistaking what we are looking at here. Director Comey is well aware of the gravity of making this incredible, sensational announcement focusing on a presidential candidate with just eleven-days remaining in the race for the White house and with the subject enjoying a sizable lead in the polls. There is no way, not a chance, that he would do this without having outstanding, unimpeachable evidence to prosecute Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Perhaps the weight of seeing the many, many agents underneath him go way out of character and loudly complain that he was wrong not to seek charges against Secretary Clinton was too much? Maybe he remembered why he originally gave his professional career to serving his nation by leading the greatest investigation bureau in the Americas. Not to totally excuse him but it's tough to imagine that he appreciated a woman who I now find to be quite corrupt in Attorney General Loretta Lynch, hog-tying his investigation from its birth.

Perhaps Comey was blocking the cries to convene a grand jury on his own, but I suspect she gave the directions. No grand jury meant no subpoenas, no interviewing potential witnesses, less evidence gathered and, in fact the FBI didn't even get a warrant to search the Clinton's home. That Comey was never a special agent or even an investigator does not alone explain the astonishing lack of action he took to give his agents the tools they needed to be successful.

Whatever and why ever the change of heart, it is now a reality Clinton must face. There is no un-clanging this bell.

I believe, the only thing left for the FBI to do, is to gently break it to the Democratic Party that their nominee will be most likely prosecuted soon after election day and that they had better figure out their best course of action. Both Clinton and Abedin swore under oath that all of the devices that would possess the emails in question, were handed over to authorities or destroyed with a hammer before they gave them to authorities.

Funny thing is, months ago Donald Trump publicly warned Hillary about the recklessness of having such an undisciplined pervert so close to national secrets, with her top aide living under the same roof and all of that. I suspect he caught word of the major opportunity, perhaps through Rudy Giuliani, once a US District Attorney for Manhattan where Weiner and Abedin live.