About 50 relatives of Chinese passengers from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane are continuing a sit-in protest outside the Malaysian Embassy in Beijing, after officials failed to show up to update them on the search.

The airline says relatives earlier held ten of its staff members for nearly 11 hours inside a hotel ballroom where family members were being briefed. It says the families insisted they wait there while family members went to the embassy to try to get a Malaysian official to attend the meeting.

A number of Chinese relatives still aren't accepting the theory that the plane crashed in the Indian Ocean. They're insisting that Malaysian officials haven't told them the truth.

An official in the Malaysian prime minister's office says the government hopes to make public next week a preliminary investigation report into the plane's disappearance.

Off the coast of western Australia, the seabed search for the plane is going to widen. Authorities say a sonar scan of the most likely crash site deep within the ocean is nearing an end without yielding a single clue.