The incumbents dominated in New Bedford's Councilor at Large and Ward 4 preliminary elections Tuesday.

Council President Brian Gomes and Councilors Linda Morad, Debora Coelho and Naomi Carney took the top four spots on the tally sheets, while Ian Abreu rounded out the top five candidates.

Morad received over 2,300 votes, second only to Gomes. She believes those votes prove her dedication to serving the city.

"I appreciate that the people that came out today gave me thier support. I very much appreciate that and I'm hoping that that's an afirmation of the fact that I work hard and that I do my best to represent everyone and that my independence and expereience matter to people," Morad said.

Gomes says it feels great to get the voters' approval.

"It always feels good to get the support of the people of the city. I work very hard for the city of New Bedford and I am rewarded by a vote like tonight," said Gomes.

Also moving on to the November 3rd ballot are Peter Barney, Michael Jo Santos, Michael Janson, Matthew Daniels and Carlos Felix.

At Large Preliminary Results

Brian Gomes2,381
Linda Morad2,345
Debora Coelho1,815
Naomi Carney1,792
Ian Abreu1,627
Peter Barney1,254
Michael Jo Santos1,190
Michael Janson900
Matthew Daniels690
Carlos Felix598
Shawn Thimas524


In the race for Ward 4, incumbent Dana Rebeiro and former councilor Joseph "JoJo" Fortes will move on to the November election.

Rebeiro has plans of changing the city's politics by pursuing no more than three terms in office. She also hopes voters will put an end to "boomerang" candidates.

"I'm tired of people sort of boomeranging (leaving, coming back, leaving, coming back) and then just people that sit there forever. I think for New Bedford, it's their decision for Ward Four," Rebeiro said.

Rebeiro is seeking her second straight term in office while Fortes is seeking his fifth. He was last elected to the position in 2003.

Fortes says he's looking forward to campaigning over the next month.

"I think what we have to do is just continue pounding the pavement and speaking to the constituents and hearing what issues and concerns they have and bringing them to the forefront," Fortes said.

Ward Four Preliminary Results

Dana Rebeiro383
Joseph "JoJo" Fortes281
Joshua Fernandes142
Bruce Duarte Jr.127
Ramona "Mona" Silva71


The November ballot will also include mayoral candidates Jon Mitchell and Maria Giesta.


Tuesday's voter turnout was only 7.89%.

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